Job Detail

Female Corrections Officer - Florida State Certified

Application Deadline: May 07, 2015 17:00

Pay Rate: Starting Salary $39,520.00

This class involves work in maintaining the security, health and welfare of inmates confined to the Charlotte County direct supervision jail. The work involves responsibility for guarding inmates in accord with established policies, regulations, and procedures. Duties include walking a post within the jail, booking and classifying prisoners, dispensing food, prescription medications, and canteen items. Work involves transporting prisoners to court, medical appointments, work details and other facilities; supervising work details and exercise sessions; and keeping records and logs on prisoners as required. Unusual or difficult situations are referred to supervisors for action or guidance. This position requires shift work including weekends, holidays and overtime, 12 hour shifts in a 24/hour facility. This position is considered essential under the CCSO Emergency Plan. Work is performed under supervision of a Corporal - Corrections, and is reviewed for results and compliance with established rules, regulations and procedures.

Education or Equivalent Experience Required: Completion of State-approved training and certification as a Corrections Officer in compliance with the requirements of the State of Florida. High school diploma or GED.

Working Conditions: Climb up and down stairs. Direct inmate contact. Must be able to respond to call outs during off hours. Noise level ranges from quiet to loud. NOTE: All employees who have direct inmate contact are required to have a medical exam/screening which includes a PPD (TB screening) prior to job assignment. Any positives on the PPD will require further evaluations by the Health Department. Re-examination shall be given according to a defined need or schedule. This requirement is to protect the employee, the agency and the inmates from any physical condition that might impact the ability of the employee to perform their job in a safe and efficient manner. Some exposure to verbally abusive and physically threatening individuals. The employee is required to work shift work including weekends, holidays and overtime, 12 hour shifts in a 24/hour facility. Work in confined spaces for prolonged periods.

Applicants must successfully pass a Physical Agilities Test (P.A.T.) and Background Investigation.  Full complete job description, salary and benefit information will be made avaliable upon request

Date posted: March 11, 2015

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